Guy Verhofstadt uses Thatcher to beat up on Boris claiming Thatcher would have kept us in the single market.

Guy Verhofstadt
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After the leftist rag put out what seems to be now baseless claims made by the Road Haulage Association, Guy Verhofstadt perked up on Twitter trying to blame Brexit for the so-called problem at our ports.

This morning we broke a story saying the French last December said: “France’s stance is to show that Brexit cannot be a success”.
The French’s mantra is continuing to be played out by Chief Remoaner and EU Superstate supporter Guy Verhofstadt.

Mr Verhofstadt tweeted: “This is the difference between being in a single market & a basic no quotas/no tariffs policy.”

Guy then tried to use Thatcher to beat up on Boris saying “In contrast to Johnson, Thatcher – who was no lover of the EU – knew very well the difference & wanted to stay in the single market.”

Guy forgot to mention that Thatcher soon shifted her stance once finding out their real agenda. Thatcher regretted going into Europe and did all she could to stop Britain from being further integrated into the EU.

Thatcher had it right when she said: ‘Europe’ is the result of plans. It is, in fact, a classic utopian project, a monument to the vanity of intellectuals, a programme whose inevitable destiny is failure: only the scale of the final damage done is in doubt.

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