EXCLUSIVE – Video shows thousands of fraudulent ballots being dropped off at Michigan counting centre on election night to illegally defeat Trump.

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On November 3rd as votes were being counted, Donald Trump was massively ahead of Joe Biden in Michigan’s US Presidential race.

Out of the blue, eyewitnesses claimed multiple vans arrived through the night at the TCF Center where eyewitnesses claimed thousands of fraudulent ballots where being dropped off.

The mainstream media were alerted that vans were arriving dropping to drop of fraudulent ballots, yet the mainstream media rubbished and berried this event.

Later, the mainstream media said nothing happened, and there was no evidence to support election fraud claims.

Thanks to Investigators at Gateway Pundit, they were able to gain actual video evidence from the buildings CCTV. The video shows vans arriving, unloading thousands and thousands of fresh ballots being dropped off.

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Nick Heseltine

This is a total lie. Why would a journalist claim this. You should be ashamed.