Ann Widdecombe tells Boris to “HIT BACK” at the EU to protect Northern Ireland and Britains trade.

Ann Widdecombe
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Ann Widdecombe is well known for being a straight talker, and when she was asked should Boris hit back at the EU it was a stern yes!.

Since leaving the EU in its entirety on the 31st December 2020, the EU has done everything possible to make it difficult for Britain to distribute goods to mainland Europe.

The EU has done this as a deliberate way to make an example of Britain because Brussels fear if Britain is seen as a success, other countries may follow Britain out of the exit door.

Ann Widdecombe was asked should Boris hit back at the EU due to the disruption on trade and treatment of Northern Ireland?

Ann Widdecombe said: “Do we start hitting back? I think yes.

“By all means, try the diplomatic routes first, let’s be grown-ups.

“But the time may well come where we say, if you won’t have our shellfish, we won’t have your cheese.”

Ann said Boris’s stern action is needed as the “EU has no interest in helping our fishing industry”.

Though Ann supported Boris to act swiftly to tackle the EU, she wasn’t soft on his actions. Ann hit out at Boris over the fishing deal. Ann said: “I blame the EU for what is happening to shellfish at the moment, but I also blame Boris Johnson for a massive sell-out of our fishing industry in the Brexit deal.”

Ann is a rare politician who speaks no-nonsense and is straight to the point, just wish we had more politicians like her.

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