Iain Duncan Smith sticks it to the EU saying they are “kissing the backside of Russia” after the EU continues their search for a Covid vaccine.

Iain Duncan Smith
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Iain Duncan Smith is not one for holding back on his words. Iain slammed the EU’s Foreign Affairs Chief, Josep Burrell saying he was “kissing the backside of Russia”.

Iain’s remarks were made after the EU and Russia held a press conference where the EU was praising Russia for its Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine which was released last August.

The EU’s Foreign Affairs Chief said: “I take the floor to just congratulate Russia for this success.

“It’s good news for the whole of mankind because it means we are going to have more tools to face the pandemic.”

With the EU lacking on the Covid Vaccine role out, the EU’s Josep didn’t hold back with schmoozing Russia for their vaccine.

Josep said: “Now I am hoping that the European Medical Agency will be able to certify the efficiency of this vaccine in order to be used also in European Union Member States.

“It would be good news, because, as you know, we are facing a shortage of vaccines and if there is another source of supply, [it would be] welcomed.”

To this Iain Duncan Smith said: “This is an example of the EU kissing the backside of Russia.”

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