Chief Remoaner, Lord Adonis savages the EU Chief Commissioner saying “she doesn’t get it”.

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Remoaner extraordinaire, Lord Adonis has decided to lash out at EU Commission Chief, Ursula Von Der Leyen. Adonis’s condescending remark will probably go down like a lead weight in the EU as he practically labels Ursula think.

Adonis made his Twitter entrance by using his Remoaner privilege as a getaway card. Adonis said: “As you know, I’m a strong pro-European, but she doesn’t get it.”

When I saw Lord Adonis’s Tweet, I was in a little shock, and I had to check twice. A man that would literally give away his country, hook, line and sinker to the EU actually disrespecting the Chief of the very organisation he wants to be apart of, you really couldn’t make it up.

These latest remarks from Adonis certainly shows unity is wearing thin amongst EU supporters and its workers. This is certainly another nail in the EU’s.

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