Pressure mounts on Boris to invoke article 16 and suspend Northern Ireland Protocol.

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With pressure mounting, Boris has been urged to invoke article 16 of the Brexit deal and suspend the Northern Ireland Protocol after it was found to breach the principle of the Good Friday agreement fundamentally.

This claim came after former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib said due to comment made earlier this week by Boris, it is clear he fundamentally doesn’t understand the Brexit agreement he signed back in 2019.

In the Express today, Ben Habib was reported saying: “I was watching the House of Commons two days ago. Ian Paisley asked Boris Johnson to intercede in the Northern Irish Protocol, and he also mentioned the EU.

“And Boris Johnson began by saying that he understood the irritation of the Right Honourable Gentleman and that the EU had momentarily breached the Good Friday Agreement when it invoked Article 16 and tried to put a border on the island of Ireland.”

“I watched this with absolute amazement because the Good Friday Agreement makes no reference at all to the prohibition of the border.

“In fact, it makes frequent references to the fact that there is a border on the island of Ireland.

“The only thing the Good Friday Agreement says is that as soon as possible hereafter, the military presence in Northern Ireland should be scaled back to that appropriate for a peaceful society and that there should be a demilitarisation of installations.

“That is all it says – it does not refer to a border on the island of Ireland being prohibited.”

Ben Habib Finalises his conclusion saying: “This says to me that the Prime Minister does not understand either the Good Friday Agreement or in fact the protocol which is his creation.

“Because if he did, he would never have said what he said in the House of Commons.

Question is will Boris listen?