Labour uses lack of inadequate quarantine measures at the borders to political point score.

After 12 months of silence, the Labour Party have decided to perk up and ask the right questions on why the borders are still open, while we are in a 3rd lockdown.

While its great news questions are starting to be asked, it’s clear the Labour Party are playing on this, using it as a political weapon against Boris. If Labour were genuinely bothered about people coming into Britain without proper quarantine in place while we are in lockdown, why where they silent on the previous lockdowns?.

In a way, Boris has left himself wide open for political opportunists like Labour by not acting quick enough on this situation.

One of the quotes from a letter sent by the Shadow Secretary of State to Priti Patel said: “As you will be aware, it is now 43 days since the South African variant was discovered and 21 days since the Government first discussed hotel quarantine. Your statement in the House of Commons on 27 January promised to introduce limited hotel quarantine measures for a “red list” countries. In that statement, you pledged that the “Department of Health and Social Care will set out further details on this approach next week”. Yet more than a week has now passed, and there has been no update, no details announced and still no start date.”

As you can see, all the right questions are starting to be asked, but only because Labour see an opportunity.

What’re your thoughts?. Is Labour using this situation as an opportunity?. Has Boris left himself wide open for criticism from his political opposites?.

Have your say in the comments.

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As usual a waste of space kier stammer and the failed Labour Party just doing there usual bull shit instead of doing the right thing and getting behind there Goverment because there is doing the best they can with something no goverment no country as ever had to deal with ever before. Yet as is the normal way with failed Labour it try’s to score points on the backs of dead ☠️ people and those seriously ill on life support in hospital. This is the absolutely disgraceful Labour Party and useless leader kier starmmer just showing what failures and most offensive