Uncertainty hits borders as government tight lipped over when hotel quarantine will be implemented.


With many people from the start of the pandemic calling for the government to shut the border, especially in lockdown, the borders remain open.

Yesterday Matt Hancock was asked numerous times when the new plans at the border would be implemented, meaning those who come into the UK would have to quarantine in a hotel.

With these plans supposedly on the verge of implementation, Travel and aviation companies are now contacting the government for clarity.

GMB presenter, reporting from Gatwick saying: “I have has staff at the airport asking me what the hell is going on. “One minute we have the Prime Minister pretty adamant at the Downing Street briefing that there would be an announcement on the quarantine hotels today.

“The next minute, it is just all a bit of a misunderstanding.

“So it is confusing, and it is frustrating for those working in the travel and aviation industry.” 

“They just want a bit of clarity at the moment and a sort of road map out of the pandemic.

“Clearly they are not getting that today it would seem. 

“But it looks like the mandatory hotel quarantine will be perhaps delayed until mid-February now for logistical reasons.

“All of these countries, 33 of them on the list and we wait to hear what is going to happen.” 

Mr Johnson said at Downing Street press conference that it was “unrealistic” for borders to be fully shut. The question is, should the PM have closed the borders months ago?

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