France, under Macron, moves into “Flawed democracies” category according to a new publication.


It’s not looking good for French President Macron after the Economist published the 13th addition of the Global Democracy Index showing France, under Macron, has fallen into a category labelled “flawed democracies”.

This suggests that France is now associated with 70% of the countries that have seen a massive decline in its freedoms and ranks with some of the world’s most totalitarian regimes.

This conclusion came after the “restrictions on freedom of movement” through “national lockdowns and curfews” the magazine said.

Due to Covid, the magazine said: “This is the worst score since the index was created in 2006,”. The global average has now fallen to a little over 5 out of a scale of 10, meaning people’s freedoms and democratic value is on a decline.

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Macron is the most dynamic President France ever had. Some French people dislike him because he has never fought any war, he is young in age and in politics. To the French man, how can a young boy ne governing us and telling them what to do. If he was seventy years of age, they would have criticised him less. Macron had the audacity to reform French economic, financial and social policies never touched since Charles de Gaule