Former Chief of staff wipes the floor with ex UK Chancellor. Lord Hammond is “best possible advertisement” for scrapping the House of Lords.


Former Joint Chief of Staff Nick Timothy has spilt the beans on former UK Chancellor Philip Hammond. Nick said Lord Hammond is the “best possible advertisement” for scrapping the House of Lords.

This response was after Hammond criticised Mr Timothy’s former employer Theresa May. Hammond said May’s hardline Brexit speech in 2016 was “almost a coup”.

In the Telegraph, Nick had enough and wiped the floor with Mr Hammond. Mr Timothy wrote: “Unable to resist jabbing at Leave-supporting politicians, envious of Boris Johnson, ignorant of Parliament, contemptuous of ordinary people, resistant to public opinion, reluctant to concede the reality of what Brexit must mean, incredulous that Theresa May, a woman he believed his inferior, could become Prime Minister, he details a fantasy of what might have been.”

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