VIRAL VIDEO – Bill Gates actively promotes “mRNA”, the future in vaccine technology?

Bill Gates mRNA
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A video has surfaced showing Bill Gates promoting how new vaccines could be produced has gone viral.

Bill gates explains how future vaccines may contain something called “mRNA” which are manufactured antibodies that grab onto the virus and disables it. Bill Gate claims this technique would save pandemic death rates by 80% when the next pandemic hits.

There was no evidence shown on this promotional video on how the bodies natural immune system would react with having a foreign entity doing its job. It only showed his ideas and plans he wants enforced to spot disease outbreaks as soon as they happen anywhere in the world.

Bill went on to claim that mRNA would stop pandemics quickly, be faster to develop vaccines and easier to store at a lower cost.

Bill then promoted something called “infectious disease respondents” and said we should “think of these as like pandemic firefighters”. At the end of his presentation, Mr Gates said: “I think of this as the best insurance policy the world could buy”.

Whichever way you look at this, this presentation only showed a vision from the manufactured antibody point of view instead of promoting the natural immune systems we are all born with.

Through this pandemic, governments from all nations have been absent in promoting how to boost our immune systems naturally. Instead, it’s been about promoting vaccines, and life can’t move on unless we have their vaccines.

My personal opinion is that our bodies are amazing, and unfortunately, many people fall ill due to deficiencies. These deficiencies happen due to eating process foods with unnatural manufactured additives.

If the government spent some time promoting natural immune-boosting nutrition, we would all be more resilient to illness. That’s not to say pharmaceuticals are bad, but pharmaceuticals are only a bandaid, not the cure.

You have to think who benefits from people being ill, as it certainly isn’t our families or us.

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