SKY News host states the government were to slow to take action at the borders to stop the spread.

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Today the Universities Minister Michelle Donelan clashed with Nail Paterson in an interview questioning the Government’s relaxed efforts to shut the UK Borders. Leaks revealed that unpublished papers by SAGE said borders needed to close now yet they are still open.

Nail Patterson Sky News Presenter said: “The problem is, of course, the South African variant was already in the United Kingdom most likely before we took any action as regards travel.

“I mean the problem is we go all the way back to last summer when we heard Boris Johnson describing the government strategy for dealing with COVID-19 as wack a mole.

“It does feel like we are back there again Brazilian variant bash, South African variant bosh. “The next new variant may already be here given the lag factor.

“If they are not on the red list, people will question whether or not the Government should have done more to at least firm up the borders if not entirely close them.

The government minister responded: ” One we have also got to remember is one of the most challenging variants that we’ve dealt with is, in fact, the UK variant.“Which we know is up to 70 per cent transmissible, and this is a pandemic where things are constantly evolving constantly changing, and we are dealing with different threats week on week.

“And we are changing our policies to adapt to that, to save lives and to reduce that pressure on the NHS   
“But we can obviously look back in hindsight with the information that we now have.  
“But we didn’t have that information at the time.
“We have always based our decisions on the best scientific and medical advice that we can get in this country.”

The border question over the pandemic has always been one of anger by the everyday Brit. When the Government told people to lockdown to get on top of the virus, people were still coming into the UK from infected areas through the airports without adequate health checks.

Now we have quite a few new variants in the UK and the borders are still open, the government are said to be being organising efforts to isolate those coming into the UK. This may be welcomed news for some, but this action again is too slow.

Even Nigel Farage, 12 months ago, argued calling for the Government to shut borders to stop the spread. The Government has said its been following the science, but as with anything science can only be part of a strategy mixed with common sense decision making.

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