Irish Foreign Minister issues threat to EU Commission Chief over vaccine row. Unity on its last legs?

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With so many politicians still in shell shock over what the EU Commission Chief activated and then removed has severely severed relations between Ireland and the EU.

Though the EU Commissioners have been doing their best to extinguish fallouts since the action, feelings continue to run high.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney commented with a Stern tone: “I think it was a mistake that everybody recognises should not have happened.

“I mean in simple terms; you do not touch the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland without full consultation with the people who are most impacted by it.

“The Irish government, the British government and, perhaps most importantly, political leaders in Northern Ireland.

“That’s what happened on Friday, which should not have happened.

“And I think lessons have been learned as a result of that, and it certainly won’t happen again.”

A Spanish minister and supporter of the Chief Commissioner took to channel 4 news saying the implementation of article 16  was an accident. This wasn’t an accident as it went through a procedure and was cleared by the commission before it was publicly published.

The only reason for removing Article 16 was due to the diplomatic backlash from Boris, and ministers from Northern Ireland and Ireland. Though the EU Commission has done their best to pass blame, this really could be the straw that broke the camels back for the Irish.

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Perhaps the Irish EU exit (Ixit) could be next, before the other front runners of Italy & the Netherlands.
Be interesting as then the EUs whinging about hard borders and only land borders with the UK, would be gone. Bonus for us, which means the current NI in/out farce could be brought to an end.