Greenland wants a trade deal with the UK to end the bureaucracy and threats from Brussels on fisheries.

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Now the UK has left the EU, Greenland has called upon Liz Truss UK Trade Secretary to cut a deal with Greenland to bypass the bureaucracy and demands from the EU.

Iceland left the bloc in 1985 and ever since the EU has used Britain to make Greenland accept a substandard deal on fisheries; otherwise, they couldn’t sell fish to the UK without paying massive tariffs.

Business Tycoon Henrik Leth who runs Polar Seafood has said an agreement would slash the price on cod to the UK and help the Artic states fight back against Brussels’ diktats.

Mr Leth said: “We were pushed quite hard to make a fisheries agreement with the EU many years ago as a condition to have access to their market.”

“But now, the biggest market within that, the UK, has disappeared. We should be paying less money for access, but it is the same cost.”

“The EU is always telling us the Arctic region is so important, but when we want to come to an agreement on fish, they don’t want a deal at all.

“They’ve been pushing very hard and threatening Greenland that the agreement won’t be as good as they have made with other countries. The EU plays hardball.”

A Department for International Trade spokesman said: “We are in regular contact with the Greenland government and businesses to ensure the smooth transition to these new trade arrangements.”

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