Goal posts moved again. Lockdown Restrictions hinted to extend until summer.

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Today Boris Johnsons spokesperson said Lockdown could be extended until Summer. The spokesperson said  “by the summer we will return to some sort of normality”. Previously Boris wanted to relax restrictions by Easter but that deadline looks like it’s shifted.


Boris Johnsons spokesperson person continued: “The Prime Minister has said, if we can, we hope to start allowing pupils back into school from March 8.

“And the plan on February 22 will set out what we may be able to do in terms of reducing restrictions going forwards.

“Before we do that it is important we review the evidence and scientific data, which is what we will do in mid-February.”

This morning Boris Johnson gave a press conference from a vaccine centre saying: “I don’t want to give too much concrete by way of dates for our summer holidays.

“I am optimistic – I understand the reasons for being optimistic – but some things have got to go right,”

“The vaccine programme has got to continue to be successful.

“We have got to make sure we don’t get thrown off course by new variants, we have got to make sure that we continue to keep the disease under control and the level of infections come down.”