TWITTER SPAT – Remoaner extraordinaire, Anna Soubry gets salty with Piers Morgan over EU UK Vaccine row.

Anna Soubry Peirs Morgan
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The GMB presenter Piers Morgan reacted to the “shocking antics” of the EU after they tried to implement a ban on vaccines entering Britain.

Piers Morgan took to Twitter in a rage saying: “Congrats to the EU on finally uniting Britain about Brexit. With their shocking antics over vaccines, they’ve managed to achieve the impossible and make us all – Leavers AND Remainers – think they’re a bunch of selfish, ruthless, arrogant twerps.”

It wasn’t long after this tweet, Anna Soubry, who is still sour of over leaving the EU decided to chip in by tweeting: “Reckon I speak for a fair few million … we never said the #EU was perfect indeed many of us believed it needed reforming, but we believed we were considerably better off in it than out of it. And negotiating our own #CovidVaccine deals was nothing to do with #Brexit.”

Sour Soubry got an instant response from Mr Morgan saying: “If the situation was reversed and the EU was performing like the UK on its vaccine rollout, and we were performing as badly as the EU is… then you would definitely be blaming Brexit.”

To be fair Piers, Morgan has a valid point. It has been awfully quiet from the remain camp regarding the EU’s disastrous handling from helping Italy at the start of the pandemic, to the non-existent vaccine rollout.

The truth is, this has everything to do with Brexit, we are a third sovereign nation outside of the EU, and this is why we were able to get contracts in early to gain the vaccine, unlike the EU, who decided to wait and then kick-off after being criticized by nation member states due to the lack of vaccine being rolled out.

This morning it’s been widely reported that the UK is being asked to give the vaccine to other countries. Tony Blair responded to this on the Sophy Ridge show saying the UK will only provide the vaccine to other nations after the UK is vaccinated and not before.