SINN Fein leader would welcome the UK to hand over Covid vaccines in the name of “Global Solidarity”.

SINN Fein leader
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Just days after the EU threatened the UK and Northern Ireland with a vaccine ban, SINN Fein Leader Michelle O’Neil has said she would like to see the UK government give the EU some vaccines.

The SINN Fein leader said there shouldn’t be “vaccine nationalism” as she tried to make the case that the UK should hand over vaccines to the EU.

Ms O’Neil said: “We are in a global pandemic we are all in this together,””I think what we need to be focused on now is global solidarity.

“I think what we need to be focused on is actually how we can work together and vaccinate all of our people in as timely a manner as we possibly can. “That is what people want.”

“We are fighting this together and I think it is really really important that there is no vaccine nationalism.

“I think there will be times when obviously the supply of vaccines is more advanced and then there will be times whenever other countries are in a better state.”

SINN Fein may speak highly of the EU and “Global Solidarity”, but her comments come after the EU tried to throw a block along the Irish border, meaning solidarity was secondary to their actions.

When the EU decided to invoke Art:16 from the Brexit agreement both SINN Fein and DUP were United behind condemning the EU for there actions.

SINN Fein leader said: “I have just spoken with the Irish Govt to raise my very serious concerns in relation to the invoking of Art. 16.

“This is a totally ill-judged move by the EU and should not have been triggered. Calm heads need to prevail, this needs to be sorted urgently.”

Ms Foster added: “At the first opportunity the EU has placed a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland over the supply chain of the coronavirus vaccine.

“With the European Union using Article 16 in such an aggressive and most shameful way, it is now time for our Government to step up. I will be urging the Prime Minister to act and use robust measures including Article 16 to advance the interests of Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.”