The EU’s worse nightmare returns to the Front line. Lord Frost given a new position to keep the EU at bay.

Lord Frost
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Just as Michel Barnier has been given the role as special advisor on the Future Relationship agreement to the EU commission, Boris has reintroduced the British Bulldog Brexit negotiator Lord Frost as the PMs Leading representative on  EU and International policy.

This means the EU’s worse nightmare will be keeping an eye on the Future Relationship agreement from the UK side.

After the EU decided to dictate who’s vaccine orders will be distributed, this position has been rushed forward. The EU said they would put a block on vaccine orders leaving the EU even though the UK placed the contractual order nearly three months before the EU put own to paper.

The PM commented on this new appointment of David Frost. Boris said: “I am hugely grateful to Lord Frost for his herculean efforts in securing a deal with the EU, and I am thrilled that he has agreed to be my representative for Brexit and International Policy as we seize the opportunities from our departure from the EU.

“I am also delighted to appoint Sir Stephen Lovegrove as my National Security Adviser. Stephen brings with him a wealth of experience from across Whitehall and in National Security, and I look forward to working closely together to deliver this Government’s vision for the UK in the world.”

Lord Frost said: “I am delighted to take up this new role as the Prime Minister’s Representative on Brexit and International Policy.

“With a new agreement with the EU in place, we have huge opportunities to boost our wealth and define what we stand for as a country internationally, and I very much look forward to supporting the Prime Minister on this.”

Boris and Frost will start to make tracks in defining Britain as the champion of world free trade.

Frost will be working with Sir Stephen Lovegrove who took over the position as National security adviser.

Sir Stephen said: “It has been an immense privilege to serve as the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence for the past five years. Working with the whole force – our armed forces, both regular and reserve, civil servants, our suppliers and everyone that makes up the Defence community – has been an honour.

“I am delighted now to be taking up the role of the National Security Adviser. On this broader canvas, I aim to deliver the Prime Minister’s vision for an enhanced and more engaged role for the UK in the world, leading the national security community to embrace the opportunities now available to us, while ensuring we are well prepared to deal with the challenges we face.”