Sturgeon threatens court action if Boris refuses to accept a second referendum.

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Today the SNP had revealed their “‘road map to a referendum”. They’ve said they’re preparing plans for a second referendum if they win big in the May elections.

Sturgeon said she and Boris were worlds apart when it came to their politics. The SNP road map promises a “legal referendum” once the Covid crisis has passed. If Boris refuses the referendum, the SNP say they will take the government to court and fight them “vigorously”.

Sturgeon said: “If the people of Scotland vote for that and we’ve got all those polls showing a majority want independence, he [Boris] is going to say no, what does that say? That the democratic wishes of the Scottish people just count for nothing.

“What is then the democratic route to independence?”

“If Boris Johnson wanted to say ‘we didn’t have the legal authority’, he would have to test that in court.

“He would have to go to court to stand in the way of the democratic wishes of the Scottish people.

“All I would say to that Boris is good luck.

“It’s not a position any self-respecting Democrat should ever contemplate finding themselves in.”

Boris has always said the last referendum in 2014 was a “once in a generation event.”

Mr Johnson said: “I’m inclined to stick with what they said last time.”