HYPOCRITES -Labour backed the lockdowns, then kick Boris for the permanent closure of local businesses.

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In good old Labour fashion, they go along with the Government backing the lockdown meaning businesses are shut. Yet, they continue to blame Boris for the closure of local companies and loss of jobs.

Lucy Powell, Labours Shadow Minister for Business, states “The pandemic has accelerated changes to the way we shop”. This is true, with no shops open and many local businesses not having an online presence, it’s obvious people will use big companies online.

Lucy then tries to blame the Government for people shopping online with big businesses instead of supporting local businesses. Lucy forgets that with most businesses shut, not all businesses are online and we don’t see Labour pushing for online help for local businesses which would be a constructive thing to push. Instead, they moan and point score.

Lucy said: “the government continues to disadvantage bricks and mortar businesses against online companies”. Labour are quick to kick the Government when they supported the closure of many businesses due to Covid lockdowns.

Lucy Powell, while commenting on Boohoo taking over Debenhams said: “The support on offer for struggling businesses has been a series of sticking plasters. Unless the Government puts in place a long-term plan to help high street businesses survive this crisis and recover on the other side, we will see more well-loved high street names vanishing, and many more jobs lost.”

As an opposition party, I thought Labour is meant to develop ideas on how they would help? I thought Labour would want to lead by example by offering a different way? The Labour Party prefer political point-scoring instead of assisting small businesses to keep afloat.