FOUND VIDEO – Sky News said Covid deaths were miscounted in 2020 yet the MSM vilify Desmond Swayne with attack narratives for saying figures had sometimes been misconstrued.

Desmond Swayne
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Today Sky News pressed Desmond Swayne over his claims that Covid figures had sometimes been missed calculated and badly presented. While some may see that as a kick in the teeth, what Desmond Swayne said was quite accurate.

Last year Sky News reported that Matt Hancock ordered a review into Covid figures due to them being vastly over counted by Public Health England. Sky News stated that if someone got hit by a bus and died yet found to have Covid in their system, that person was put down as a Covid death.

Sky News ran a piece going into how the figures were counted yet the same media organisation are now vilifying Desmond Swayne for pointing out the very same facts.

The MSM along with the Labour Party are now pushing in tandem to urge Boris to remove the whip from Desmond Swayne for pointing out the way stats had previously been counted and presented.

Both Labour and the MSM class Desmond as a conspiracy theorist for pointing out what had happened previously.

Desmond swayne is also a vaccine promoter not a vaccine denier which the Labour Party and the MSM are pushing.

The Labour Party released a press release saying: “A Conservative Member of Parliament endorsing dangerous anti-vaccination campaigners, spreading disinformation and promoting conspiracy theories undermines the national effort to defeat this virus, puts lives at risk and is an insult to the families and loved ones of everyone who has tragically lost their lives to this terrible virus and our NHS staff who are working round the clock to save lives.”

“It is clear that Desmond Swayne has no intention of apologising or withdrawing his dangerous remarks. After the Conservatives have refused to act, the Prime Minister must intervene urgently, condemn these comments and take action. A failure to do so risks undermining our national effort to defeat this virus, combat dangerous anti-vaccine disinformation and vaccinate Britain”.