Boris reported to the Police after Sturgeon tried to fend off the PM from visiting to Scotland.

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Boris has been reported to the Police for visiting Scotland. The SNP publicly tried to fend off the Prime Minister in the days leading up to his trip to Glasgow’s vaccination centre.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “I would say me travelling from Edinburgh to Aberdeen to visit a vaccination centre right now is not essential. Boris Johnson travels from London to wherever he is in Scotland to do the same is not essential.”

“If we’re asking other people to abide by that, then I’m sorry, but it’s probably incumbent on us to do likewise.”

The hatred towards Boris from Nicola Sturgeon is visible for all to see. When Police Scotland was asked if they had received complaints that Boris was visiting Scotland, they confirmed they had.

Police Scotland said: “We have received a small number of complaints regarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s visit to Scotland.

“This is a working visit in his official capacity as Prime Minister, and we are policing the event appropriately.”

A PM spokesperson said: “It is obviously important that he is continuing to meet and see those who are on the front line in terms of those who are providing tests, in terms of those who are working so hard to deliver the vaccination plan.”

Even Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer back Boris on his visit. Keir said on LBC: “I’m with the Prime Minister on this one.

“He is the Prime Minister of the UK.

“It’s important that he travels to see what is going on, on the ground.”