Ten months ago, Nigel Farage called for borders to be closed to infected areas. The government refused to listen, saying it was following the science.

Nigel Farage
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During the first lockdown, where other nations like the US shut down its borders to prevent people coming in from high infectious areas, the UK left its borders wide open to people coming from China, Iran and Italy.

Nigel Farage at the time on LBC, continuously slammed the government saying close the borders to the High infection areas. That call landed on deaf ears. Instead, the government responded by saying they were following the science and left the borders wide open without checks. That’s when the spread began to pick up pace.

Even after having hindsight, the borders were left wide open without thorough checks or testing on those coming in. Today, 12 months after the virus hit the UK, the government are said to be finally putting contingencies in place at the borders to hold people in quarantine who may have the virus.

While these contingencies are put in place at the border, illegal immigrants continue to flood into the UK by crossing the English Channel, picked up and escorted into Dover by UK Border Force.

This month it’s been reported that hundreds have made it to Britain illegally by the crossing the Channel. What happened to the illegal immigrants is unsure, but reports suggest not many have been deported even though we are said to control our borders.

Illegal migrants escorted to Dover – Video taken by Chris Johnson 16th Jan