AstraZeneca boss slams EU saying we “signed an agreement with the UK three months before” the EU.

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AstraZeneca’s boss has today hit back at the EU commission today after the EU said it would implement controls of the covid vaccine to countries outside the EU.

The CEO of AstraZeneca, Mr Soriot, was asked if the EU were too late to sign the vaccine contract. Mr Soriot told La Repubblica: “I will not pass judgment on this. 

“But I can only tell you the facts and the facts are that we basically signed an agreement with the UK three months before we did have it with Europe. “Now, part of this can easily be explained.

“When we entered the agreement with Oxford, they had already been working with the UK Government on this.“So that had a head start. 
“We were able to quite quickly take the UK supply chain and improve it.

“We had to modify the formula in the process because Oxford gave us a process that needed to be modified to enable manufacturing at scale.”

The CEO went on to talk about when Britain signed their contract: “I can only tell you what’s in their contract. 
“And the contract is very clear. “Our commitment is, I am quoting, ‘our best effort’.

“There are a lot of emotions running in this process right now, and I can understand it: people want vaccine. 
“I want the vaccine too, I want it today.

“But, at the end of the day, it’s a complicated process. 
“We are getting there, in two or three months, we will be at scale.

“We have a 17-million-dose production per month right now, it is actually not small at all. 
“But of course, it’s less than people want and understandably so.”