Remoaning Labour MP’s take part in non binding Parliament vote for Britain to remain tied to EU employment law.

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Labour remoaners haven’t changed their stance after they voted to keep Britain tied to EU employment law in the House of Commons after pushing for the motion last night.

This move by Labour MP’s was after Boris ordered a review on employment law as the UK government looks to scrap EU-based employment laws with laws suited to Britain’s needs.

The vote by Labour was more symbolic than legally binding as the vote ended 263 to 0. Just before the vote, Labours shadow employment rights secretary Andy McDonald called for all the EU employment law to be carried and enshrined in UK law.

He said: “This pandemic has exposed the many deficiencies of workers’ rights protections and now there is a real yearning that when we emerge from this crisis, a better deal for working people is not only possible but essential.”

“And yes the economic position is tough, but people came back from a devastating war in 1945 determined to forge a better society for their families to prosper in.”

“Such a moment, as President Biden said, of renewal and resolve is right now. At no time in living memory has it been clear that the safety and security of working people are inextricably linked with public health and the economy.”

A PM spokesperson said: “We will continue to look at policies to help and stimulate business growth, innovation and job creations, but those policies would never be at the expense of workers’ rights.”

The Conservative Party said: “We have one of the best records on workers’ rights in the world – often going further than the European Union in many areas – and we are committed to building on this progress.”

All this vote has done is expose the Labour Party as a party still fawning over the EU, for a progressive party not to progress laws so they’re best suited for Britain again exposes their aims.