Nigel Farage aims to destroy Nicola Sturgeon’s referendum hopes in the coming May Election.

Nigel Farage Nicola Sturgeon
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While Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP continue to bang the indyref two drum, Nigel Farage with Reform UK believe there is a better way than breaking up the most successful Union in history.

That way is through dialogue and letting devolved countries of the UK have more powers. Reform UK believes this strategy would save the Union from breaking up and kill the SNP’s threat of an independence referendum.

Reform UK Party chairman said: “If you don’t do it in an open, rational way, we’re clearly heading towards a situation where at some point Scotland is going to secure another referendum and may well vote to leave the UK.”

“My belief is that we need to have a different discussion and look at it in a slightly different way, and is there a win-win?

“I think there are… and I actually think people are up for a discussion.

“Let’s get through this pandemic, and build the confidence up again. I think these are constitutional issues that we need to talk about.”