France threatens Britain’s power supply if Britain tries to take back its fishing quotas in 2026.

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Today, French foreign minister revealed they plan on attacking Britains power supply from France to retain access to Britains fishing waters beyond 2026.

The French Minister Jean-Yves le Drian told French Broadcaster France 3 that instead of changing the fishing deal in 2026 they will maintain the current agreement by making things difficult for Britain in the energy market.

Jean-Yves said: “In 2026, what would be the issue is the renewal of access to British waters and, in particular, access to the six to twelve-mile zone on which it will be necessary to discuss.”

“But at that point, we planned to have some negotiating elements strong enough to say, ‘if you bother us on the fishing, we’ll bother you on the energy.”

“And the British, on energy, I believe there are difficulties with the Bailiwick of Jersey.”

“We will discuss this again, but I am not too worried on condition of scoring the great vigilance what we will do each other.”