Articles of impeachment against Donald Trump sent to Senate. Stage is set for a mighty clash.

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The US House of Representatives is now pushing a charge accusing Trump of inciting an insurrection through speech as they move forward with the second impeachment trial against Trump.

Trump will be in front of Nine House Democrats serving as prosecutors after the house clerk carried the written accusation to the Democrat-controlled Senate chamber.

The second impeachment of Trump in the Senate is said to take place on the 9th Feb 2021. There will be 100 senators acting as jurors in the proceedings to stop Trump running in future elections.

Even though the Republican Party base supports Trump, the impeachment passed with over 10 Republicans supporting the democrats to make Trump’s second impeachment trial a world spectacle.

Even with the odds stacked against Trump, it has to be said the stage is set if Trump and his team wanted to pull something out of the bag on a public stage. Trump’s last words to Nancy Pelosi, who pushed the impeachment, were that you might come to regret pushing for a second impeachment.