Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer faced off with Nigel Farage after Julia said Trump “has always been unfit for public office”.

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In a heated debate over Donald Trump’s legitimacy, Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer insinuated that Trump is a sore loser for not accepting the Presidential Election result.

Julia said Trump should have been “magnanimous in defeat”, saying he would not be “attend the inauguration” shows that he hasn’t accepted defeat.

Julia claimed that when rioters went to ransack the capital building, Trump did nothing to stop the attack.

The Truth which Julia chooses to miss out is that the riot at the capital started nearly 60 minutes before Trump finished his speech, Trump saw what was going on and released a video condemning the rioters, telling his supporters to go home “peacefully”.

Twitter removed the video within minutes with other social media outlets following suit. This then gave the MSM the ammo needed to pump the narrative that Trump encouraged the rioting and did nothing to stop the rioters.

Nigel Farage defended Trump saying because he contested his race; it doesn’t mean he doesn’t accept democratic votes.

Nigel said: “Well accepting democratic votes, of course, we should all except democratic votes provided were convinced they are free and fair, and of course the Trump campaign and 39% of Americans do not believe the US Presidential election was conducted on free and fair bases.”

Julia Then reacted saying there was no evidence of voter fraud saying: “you can believe in fairies of the bottom of the garden. It doesn’t mean they exist.”

Again to put things into perspective, Trump was never given a chance to present evidence to a court of law, so to say there is no evidence doesn’t stand if courts prevented evidence from being shown.

Nigel then defended Trump’s position to contest results by using his position in Peterborough election saying: “I’m absolutely convinced that the by-election in Peterborough last year was won fraudulently,

“I did my best; you know through a legal challenge to try and prove that postal voting fraud had taken place. And guess what the Brexit party took that case to court and we lost, so there comes the point when you have to accept what’s happened.”

Whichever way you look at this, there will continue to be a significant divide in the US over Joe Biden’s legitimacy due to alleged voter fraud.

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