Nigel Farage slams the government on border protection – “ARE WE ACTUALLY TAKING BACK CONTROL OF OUR BORDERS?”

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The Reform UK Party leader, Nigel Farage slams the governments handling of adequately protecting UK borders.

During the video, Nigel exposes shocking scenes in Tenby after Illegal migrants from the army barracks in Tenby took to the streets protesting that their accommodation wasn’t good enough and deserved better.

Nigel said you are only entitled to something if you come to this country in the correct and legal manner.

Since leaving the EU, we’ve seen the continuation of stowaways on lorries and coaches crossing the Channel by the tunnel.

Nigel continues saying – We’ve seen the continuation of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel in dreadful conditions. We’ve had around 250 illegals crossing the English Channel by dinghy this year.

We need a tough and robust Home Secretary that will stand up for Britain and make provisions with the French so we can return those who cross the Channel illegally back to France Nigel said.

This video finished with a straightforward message to Boris Johnson’s government, “Are we actually going to take back control of our borders?”

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