Irish officials fear food shortages over rules in the trade treaty forced in by the EU.

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Officials from the Irish government have gone to Brussels raising major concerns around “rules of origin” in the trade treaty.

Ireland now fears the rules in the treaty will massively disrupt food chains crossing the Irish border.

The EU rules were put in place by the EU to stop the UK from buying cheaper goods from a country outside the EU to rebrand and repackage for it then to be resold directly into the EU without tariffs.

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the UK left the EU and already Ireland are feeling the damage caused by the Implementation of rules which the EU wanted in the treaty.

A government source told the Irish Times: “This is Brexit. The UK has left the single market and the customs union. They are a third country. That is the problem.

“If a good comes through England, that doesn’t mean that it should come under these rules, but if they are repackaged, there is a problem. That is not transit.

“This is an issue which was unforeseen or not foreseen to the extent to which it should have been.”

One angry importer told the Irish Times:  “We work with a customs broker and thought we had everything in place to get in and out as necessary.”

“But the issue that has tripped up so many businesses was the need for an ENS number.”

“There will be a bumpy few weeks ahead, and the UK multiples may have problems ahead if they start running out of stock.”

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