EU Commission President labelled a hypocrite after breaking her own covid rules to attend an event in Portugal.

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After telling those living in EU nations to be disciplined and follow covid rules, Ursula Von Der Leyen and her team of people have done the opposite as they flew out to an event in Portugal.

Before Ursula went, she told people: “This is serious, we must remain vigilant, we must monitor, and we must be very disciplined.”

This has gained an adverse reaction from across the political spectrum. An MEP from Romania, Cristian Terhes said she could have avoided criticism by using technology to show support. Mr Terhes said: “It’s an act of outrageous hypocrisy for the College of Commissioners to visit Lisbon for a ceremony and meetings a day after the Portuguese authorities issue a strict stay at home order for the tax-paying citizens.

“Surely the commissioners can Zoom like everybody else?

“A classic example of do as I say, not as I do.

“It’s reminiscent of Animal Farm… the rules don’t apply to those in power who make the rules for others.”

The EU Commission President reacted to the criticism saying: “As far as our trip to Lisbon is concerned, it is of the utmost importance.

“We are only going with a small group, but it is of enormous importance that we start with Portuguese presidency with close dialogue.”

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