Guy Verhofstadt insinuates that she would have supported staying in the EU Single Market if Thatcher were here today.

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Guy Verhofstadt has made scathing remarks at Brexiteers saying if Thatcher were alive today, she wouldn’t have sided with those who wanted to come out of the EU single market.

The MEP from Belgium, famous for kicking off with Nigel Farage in the EU Parliament, made his thoughts known on Twitter.

After some British businesses dealing with exports to Europe, Guy spoke out about the new rules and regulations.

Due to lots of new red tape under the new agreement, the businesses have been saying that there have been delays and lost business from Europe.

On Twitter, the supporter of an EU Superstate wrote: “This is exactly the reason why Thatcher argued for a European single market without barriers.

“And yet it is her most ardent followers who campaigned for the hard Brexit that makes this red tape necessary!”

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