Ben Habib – If a remain government ever got in, there is a “real risk” of rejoining the EU under this current treaty.

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Former Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib has said that there is a “real risk” of a remain government taking the UK back into the EU.

This bombshell claim came In an interview with the YouTube Channel Unlocked. Ben said Boris Johnson’s deal was not “Sovereign compliant” and  kept us “Joined at the hip” with the EU.

Mr Habib said this deal allows an “easy” entrance back into the bloc, either under a full or associated membership. Mr Habib said: “One of the things you see in the Brexit deal is very close alignment with the European Union throughout.

“Even though we’re not having to sign up to EU laws for the level-playing field.

“We’re not allowed to regress from those laws without significant damages occurring for the UK which I think is not sovereign-compliant.

“But I think because we’re going to be held in orbit around the EU, we’re effectively going to be joined at the hip from a regulatory and legal perspective.

“If they’ve got control of our fishing, if they’ve got control of our rights over Europe then there is a real risk that a Remain-orientated Government would find it very easy to rejoin or to get into some kind of associated membership.

“That is a real risk and it occurred to me reading the document.”

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