Since a trade deal with China was signed by the EU, calls for Frexit have gotten louder.

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Euroscepticism has started to grow dramatically in France since Brexit happened. A call for a vote on the EU membership has grown since China’s deal was struck with EU by the German Chancellor.

The deal struck with China has angered many MEP’s. On the other hand, Britain has placed an import ban on goods made by slave Labour in China.

Former French MEP Florian Philippot said: “This is the difference between a sovereign country, the United Kingdom, and a country that obeys orders, France, which embarked via the EU in a disastrous investment agreement with China a few days ago.

“A fast Frexit is vital!”

The deal with China has caused a lot of controversy with the EU. Ember states. Many countries suggest Merkel only did this deal in a rush to get something in place before she finished her stint as Rotating Presidents of the EU.

Hitting out at Macron, the French MEP said: “Macron talks about Brexit just to complain and to remind us of his submission to the EU.

“If he lived up to his job, serving his people instead of whining, he would announce a referendum on Frexit!”

Calls grow as claims of massive support for a referendum were made after a Tweet for Frexit said: “We remind you that more than half of the French want a referendum on the EU as it happened in the United Kingdom.

“Let’s make this wish come true by sharing the petition.”

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