Unbelievable, President of the European Council has today said Britain will still be playing by EU rules regardless of being outside the EU.

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Today, Charles Michel claims the UK will still be taking orders from Brussels even though we are out of the EU.

The European Council President has said through the level-playing field agreement in the treaty, the UK is bound by rules made in the EU.

In a speech given at the 13th European Space Conference Mr Michel said “On Brexit, we stood firm and unified, right from the beginning.

“Access to our single market of 450 million consumers is only possible by respecting our standards and the rules of the game.”

Despite this claim from Brussels, Boris backed up by the European research group said that this treaty allowed us to take back control.

Even though the UK agreed on this agreement, the EU are yet to make their decision formally. By February 23rd we should hear the EU give its conclusion of this deal.

With the level playing field terms being in the treaty, the EU member states are more than likely to sign off on this treaty fully.

An EU diplomat said: “It has become a comprehensive agreement that seems to cover also the EU interests quite well.

“It ranges from goods and services to energy, health cooperation, professional qualifications, climate and legal cooperation. The EU does not have such an agreement with any other third country.

“This was possible because the UK accepted that without proper agreement on fair competition and enforcement, no deal would be possible.”

With the EU still able to call shots on the UK’s competitiveness due to the Level Playing field provisions, French Europe minister said: “No British access to the EU market without respecting our rules, massive criticism of British fishermen against this agreement.

“That is far from the promised total sovereignty. That should make you think.”

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