British fisherman – Angry, disappointed “I knew deep down we’d get Sh***ed”


A British fisherman opened up on camera saying they were used as a “lever” and knew deep down they would get “Sh***ed.”

Al Jazeera filmed the interview, capturing the reaction of fishers after Boris revealed the joint deal from Brussels. One fisherman said the deal was “not what we wanted.” Fisherman Sprat Smith told Al Jazeera: “It’s not what we wanted. It’s not what we asked for.

“I think we all knew, deep down, we’d get sh***ed, used as a lever. But I don’t think we all thought it would be this bad.”

In reaction to the deal, The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO) Chief Executive Barrie Deas said: “There have been some marginal changes on the quota shares, but we’re tied back into an arrangement that gives access to the EU fleet to our waters up to the six-mile limit.

“We thought an exclusive 12-mile limit was an absolute red line for the UK. That hasn’t held.”

Scottish Fishermen’s Federation chair Elspeth Macdonald said: “The principles that the government said it supported – control over access, quota shares based on zonal attachment, annual negotiations – do not appear to be central to the agreement.

“After all the promises given to the industry, that is hugely disappointing.”

With British fishers clearly unhappy with the agreement, Boris needs to start clawing back Britains fishing quotas and push a vast meaningful rebuild of the industry to build confidence that Britain will take back fisheries.

Mr Redwood said the government should shorten the five-year fishing deal (transition) with the EU, making the rebuild to Britains fishing industry a top priority.

The Conservative Politician said: “My challenge to the government now is this.

“We are taking legal sovereignty back, but we want practical, effective sovereignty.

“We want to demonstrate that we can use those powers to change laws, improve grant regimes, improve backing for British businesses and improve our trading arrangements around the world.

“We are wanting practical examples from the government, and above all, I think we need a better deal for fishing.

“Of course, fishing is the one area where we don’t take back proper control for another five years because there is an additional transitional period put into fishing.” What’re your thoughts on this? Have your say in the comments below. 

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