Brexiteer and Conservative MP John Redwood said Boris should pluck up the courage to strike a new deal on fisheries with the EU.

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In an interview with the YouTube channel, unlocked, John Redwood opened up on his grievances regarding the EU trade deal, especially fisheries.

John said he urges the government to flex the muscle and might of Britain as a newly independent nation to create new laws and regulations for foreign vessels who want to fish in British waters.

Mr Redwood said the government should shorten the five-year fishing deal (transition) with the EU, making the rebuild to Britains fishing industry a top priority.

The Conservative Politician said: “My challenge to the government now is this.

“We are taking legal sovereignty back, but we want practical, effective sovereignty.

“We want to demonstrate that we can use those powers to change laws, improve grant regimes, improve backing for British businesses and improve our trading arrangements around the world.

“We are wanting practical examples from the government, and above all, I think we need a better deal for fishing.

“Of course, fishing is the one area where we don’t take back proper control for another five years because there is an additional transitional period put into fishing.”

The government had reassured Mr Redwood that Britain could make British law changes regardless of the EU agreement.

“The Government assure me that we can regulate and legislate for our fishing grounds from the 1st of January.

“So I do think we need a better regime for the marine environment to regulate the practices with what some of the large overseas vessels get up to.”

Mr Redwood said he was deeply disappointed to find that the British government had left the British fishing industry with a bad deal.

“I am deeply disappointed because I have been an advocate in good faith for the British fishing industry. “I have always felt we are a maritime nation, and there are 1000s of us that feel we want stronger coastal communities.

“We want to both look after and take on board the fish that we have for our own purposes.

“I am pressing the Government to say what can we do, can we speed it up and what are going to do for the industry in the meantime and how are we going to be that bigger and more successful industry that I thought we all wanted.”

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