Days into 2021, Lord Heseltine plots a campaign to return the UK to the EU.

We’re just days into 2021 and Lord Heseltine is plotting a campaign to return the UK to the EU.

In an LBC interview, Mr Heseltine said that Britain would be better off in the EU pledging to reverse our exit with a campaign to destroy the benefits of Brexit.

Heseltine said: “The battle starts again. With a chapter closed last night, a new chapter opens,”

Heseltine continued: “First of all, it is up to us who believe in a closely-knit relationship with Europe to use the same determination Brexiteers did to disrupt the European partnership.

“We want it back, and the only logical answer is to argue for that decision.”

“What we’ve got is a deal which is a running battlefield every time we want to change our position,”

This deal “fans the flames of dissent between us and the continent.”

He continued: “Leaving is going to inflict a significant dent on Britain’s economic position, none of that is compensated by any of these rollover deals.”

In typical doomster remainer fashion, Heseltine preaches the negatives before independent Britain begins.

On the other hand, Boris Johnson has said this is our opportunity to “transform our country”. He said Britain has “changed out of all recognition” with the current global outlook.

The UK is “free to do things differently, and if necessary better, than our friends in the EU”.

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