SHOCKING – French President Macron attacks Britains democracy on national TV as we exit the corrupt EU.

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President Macron decided to use his final address of 2020 to attack Boris and the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit.

Macron said leaving the EU was the “child of the European malaise and of many lies and false promises”.

The French President has always hated the idea that Britain leaves the EU. As we left the bloc last night, he decided the see us out with an attack on Britains democracy.

Macron said: “The United Kingdom remains our neighbour, but also our friend and ally.

“This choice to leave Europe, this Brexit, was the child of the European malaise and of many lies and false promises.”

After that, he then projected his commitment to the EU Superstate, saying he aims for “a stronger, more autonomous, more united Europe.”

He then continued saying: “Our destiny is first and foremost in Europe.”

It wasn’t long after Boris returned with words of prosperity and rejuvenation. Boris addressed the nation, saying: “This is an amazing moment for this country.

“We have our freedom in our hands, and it is up to us to make the most of it.”

It won’t be long till other nations fight for their exit from the EU as the unelected commission push on for an EU superstate.

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