Boris defamed live on TV after remain commentator accused him of “corruption” as we entered a new year.

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Last night, there was a live TV clash between a remainer and brexiteer after Yasmin accused Boris of “corruption”.

The conflict flared up after remainer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown took a swipe at Boris as the country entered the new year as the independent United Kingdom.  

On Sky News, a news article by the Mirror hit out at the PM saying people have “No faith in Boris”. Yasmin saw this as her time to lash out saying Boris wants everything to be “wonderful, perfect and wants everyone to love him. It isn’t going to happen.” Yasmin noted that only a “minority of those who voted for Boris actually believed he would deliver on his promises.”

The worse part of her rant was when she went personal; she accuses Boris of too much “Cronyism, something in my view almost bordering on corruption in the way contracts are handed out. Everything will have to be cleaned up. People deserve better.”

Conservative broadcaster Patrick Christys took none of it saying ” Look, Yasmin, lighten up, this is a historic day, this is a joyous day that we’ve got now.

“For Boris Johnson’s record to be criticised so far, you know he’s had a heck of a lot on, not just with the pandemic but of course getting us this historic Brexit deal that does gain us control of our laws, borders and money. I think it’s unfair to say his track record so far hasn’t been great, to be honest.”

What’re your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Yasmin or do you agree with judging Boris with how he handles things going forward now were entirely out of the EU? Have your say below.

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