Nigel Farage – It was the people’s army of UKIP that got us Brexit.

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In Nigel Farage’s Brexit message, he highlights that it was the people’s army of UKIP that got us Brexit. Though this deal isn’t perfect, it does mean we take back our sovereignty, laws and money.

In this message, Nigel exposes the devastating deal the UK fishing industry has been dealt. Mr Farage does say his next mission is to rid of super trawlers out of our waters.

Nigel does mention that we need to find a better way to return immigrants to France that cross the English Channel illegally. Doing so would bring an end to the people trafficking, which is rife with no signs of stopping.

Nigel has been fighting for our EU exit for 30 years, 27 of them were fighting the establishment. Nigel was attacked, nearly died due to tampering, and ridiculed yet he carried on regardless.

Without Nigel, the Brexit wave would never have happened. As a Brexit supporting news blog, we owe our thanks to Nigel Farage for his sacrifices and determination to make Brexit a reality.