HISTORIC MOMENT – Boris Johnson signs Brexit trade treaty.

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Last night was a historic moment as Boris Johnson signed the EU UK trade treaty after MPs voted overwhelmingly for the deal. The treaty was flown directly from Brussels by the RAF to Britain, then handed to Boris at Downing Street.

Boris had a massive 448 vote majority in the commons, with this majority, the deal is now signed and has been given Royal Assent.

During today’s debate, Boris told the commons: “Having taken back control of our money, our borders, our laws and our waters by leaving the European Union on Jan 31st, we now seize the moment to forge a fantastic new relationship with our European neighbours, based on free trade and friendly co-operation.

“And at the heart of this Bill is one of the biggest free trade agreements in the world, a comprehensive Canada-style deal, worth over £660 billion, which, if anything, should allow our companies to do even more business with our European friends, safeguarding millions of jobs and livelihoods in our UK and across the continent.”

Boris went on to say: “I hope and believe that this agreement will also serve to end some of the rancour and recrimination that we’ve had in recent years, allow us to come to together as a country.”

One of the most prominent MPs who fought most of his political career to get us out of the EU praised Mr Johnson. Sir Bill Cash said: “Churchill and Margaret Thatcher would have been deeply proud of his achievements, and so are we. This Bill for our future relationship with the EU provides a new exciting era for our trade with Europe and the rest of the world on sovereign terms, not those of the EU, as with the Chequers deal.”

Leader of the ERG European Research Group Mark Francois said: “Thanks to this agreement on New Year’s Eve we will finally leave the European Union forever, so perhaps Big Ben will bong for Brexit after all.”

“Perhaps I and my Spartan friends should now lower our spears too, but perhaps keep them to hand just in case one day someone, perhaps the leader of the Opposition, should try and take us back in.

“My colleagues in the European Research Group have fought long and hard for this day, and we have sometimes been lampooned or even vilified by the Remain-dominated electronic media for our trouble when all we have ever wanted is one thing – to live in a free country that elects its own government and makes its own laws here in Parliament and then lives under them in peace,” 

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