EU member states have until 3 pm for their governments to pass the EU UK trade treaty.

Today, EU member states have until 3 pm for their Parliaments to pass the EU UK trade agreement which was announced on Christmas Eve.

On Monday Brussels provisionally passed the EU – UK trade treaty, this was to make sure the deal was in place before the transition deadline.

Tomorrow the UK Parliament will reconvene for a days debate on the treaty. There will be many heated speeches for and against the deal. Yesterday many Labour remainers and Scottish Nationalists said they would not be voting for the treaty.

This action by remainers has angered many politicians. Over the last few years, Pro EU remain politicians said that No deal would be damaging for both parties, yet they’re choosing to vote down the current agreement.

Though the deal isn’t perfect, especially around level playing field and fisheries, the deal is said to have broad support amongst MPs. Tomorrow the ERG led by Sir Bill Cash will be giving their verdict on the treaty.

Former Conservative leader and ERG member Iain Duncan Smith said Lawyers are now looking through the treaty. Sir Iain went onto say the group of Lawyers named the “star chamber” will show “what they have got, rather than what they say they have got” in the treaty.