BREXIT DEAL – Iain Duncan Smith we’re going to expose “what they have got rather than what they say they have got.”

Nigel Farage

Sir Iain Duncan Smith vowed to expose “what they have got rather than what they say they have got” in the new EU UK treaty.

With the UK now out the EU, attention is now on the trade deal that has been put together by the two negotiators, UK Michel Barnier and EU David Frost. Many people gave there pre-release judgement of the agreement. Now the deal has been published; lawyers will look into the detail.

It’s reported Nigel Farage and other Eurosceptics have lawyers and trade deal specialists looking at the fine detail. Nigel Farage gave a damning report of the deal in his piece in the Daily Mail.

Nigel said: “I am sorry to say that for all the tough talk of Mr Johnson and his chief negotiator, Lord Frost, some major concessions have been made.  

“Northern Ireland has been cut off from the rest of the UK; the European Human Rights regime will remain in place here; our coastal communities have been saddled with a rotten fishing deal, and EU firms will still be allowed to tender for UK government contracts.”

“In regulatory terms, the EU will hold a Sword of Damocles over Britain with the threat of immediate tariffs if they judge that Britain is being too competitive.”
“This is not what I campaigned for, and it most certainly is not what Boris Johnson’s supporters voted for in the 2019 General Election.”

“These handicaps will not allow Britain to transform itself into the Singapore-style entity in a European time zone that it could become.”

The Eurosceptic group of Tory ERG (European Research Group) have also pulled together a grouping of top lawyers known as the “star chamber.” The collective led by Sir Bill Cash is now going through the fine detail before the day debate in parliament on the 30th December.

Former Tory leader and Brexiteer, Sir Ian Duncan Smith said the lawyers they’ve pulled together are “far better than anything the government has got”.

Sir Iain said: “The government legal service make so many mistakes in European treaties. Time and again the EU tricks them. We will do them a favour by exposing what they have got rather than what they say they have got.”

In the coming days, we will find out the full extent of the treaty’s detail. If anything is found hinder Britain as a sovereign nation, Brexiteers will bring it to light.