London Mayor Sadiq Khan demands a Brexit extension.

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan has decided to use the orchestrated haulage chaos by the French to demand a Brexit extension.

As the old saying goes, never let a good crisis go to waste. Sadiq Khan, along with others have done just that, they have used the situation to grandstand and try to undermine Boris and his team days before the Brexit deadline.

Khan posted a statement on social media, saying: “Under the new tier 4 restrictions Londoners should stay at home and not travel, and this includes not travelling abroad.

London Mayor

“The current closure of the border at Dover, however, will cause significant disruption, particularly for our hauliers who now cannot cross over to mainland Europe.

“At Cobra today Ministers need to agree an immediate plan for the continued flow of freight and safeguarding supply chains, working collaboratively with French and other European partners.

“With major disruption in Kent now inevitable, I’m urging the Government to officially seek an extension to the Brexit transition period.

“Securing our key supply chains and fighting the coronavirus pandemic requires the full and undivided efforts of ministers more than ever before.

“Risking the chaos and uncertainty of a no-deal Brexit was reckless even before the latest surge in COVID cases and the worrying news about this latest strain.

“With the virus spreading rapidly and our hospitals increasingly stretched, the only thing the country should be concentrating on is fighting the virus.”

Sadiq Khan has been a staunch remainer through the Brexit process. This latest stint has been one of many failed attempts to damage the Brexit process.

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He should sick to his job in trying to run London with his country men because he doesn’t care about us the Londoners, the best thing for him is to give up his post and have a Londoner in charge of Londoners not like him looks after his own race. So just go.