Macron pushes for No Deal chaos, hoping it brings Britain back around the negotiation table in the new year.

Macron pushes for no deal brexit
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Today, Macron has been warned; if No Deal happens due to his rhetoric and hardline stance on Brexit, it would be a “miscalculation of historic proportions” for France. 

Due to French elections, Macron is doing his best to be seen as a strong leader in France even if that means Britain leaving on No Deal terms. Macron and his advisers reckon Britain will return in the new year due to chaos caused by a No Deal exit.

The French fishermen have said they’re going to try and cause as much disruption as possible if no deal is enacted. Again this tactic is an attempt to bring Britain back around the negotiation table. 

One UK source said if the French tried to cause chaos deliberately, they couldn’t do it forever.

Britain has said for a deal to pass the EU’s demands need to reflect Britain as an independent sovereign nation and no a satellite vassal state of the EU.

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