Former Detective slams Andy Burnham for “doing nothing” to protect victims of crime.

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Former Homicide Detective Maggie Oliver has slammed Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham for being reluctant to do anything about the neglect at the top of the Police in Greater Manchester.

Maggie Oliver presented Andy Burnham with 26 cases of neglect from Greater Manchester Police in 2018. Maggie said this highlighted “‘serious concerns” and people were “dying as a result of gross neglect”.

Even though Andy Burnham got presented with the evidence, Maggie said it felt like he “basically slammed the door in our face” and did nothing to remedy the concerns.

Calls for Andy Burnham to resign have gotten louder after the Greater Manchester Police which Andy Burnham oversees as Mayor failed to report over 80,000 crimes in one year.

Bolton West and Atherton Conservative MP, Chris Green has called for Andy to “resign now”. Chris said: “His role ultimately is to ensure that GMP is delivering. He is in a position if he doesn’t think GMP is performing and is delivering then he can challenge, and if necessary, he can sack the chief of police,” he said.

“That is Andy Burnham’s power over-policing in Manchester. He has absolute authority.”

Due to the release of this damming report, Andy Burnham made a short statement to apologise on behalf of the GMP saying: “I would like to say sorry to all of the victims of crime who have found that the service has not been good enough. We owe it to them to improve and we will, and we will do it fast,”

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