Michel Barnier continues to push Britain to accept level playing field terms.

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Even though we’ve had four years of Brexit negotiations, Groundhog Day continues. Britain told the EU that we would not be accepting Level Playing Field term which would cap the competitiveness of Britain post Brexit.

Today Sky News doorstepped the EU Chief Negotiator asking is a deal doable? Barnier said there would be no deal unless there is an agreement on fisheries and Reciprocity (Level Playing Field).

We’ve had four years, and the EU continue to push the Level Playing Field terms. This shows the EU’s biggest fear is Britain having a competitive edge over the EU and that Britain regains its sovereign fish-rich waters.

The UK has the upper hand in these negotiations; it’s now up to Boris and his negotiators to hold the line and not cave in. We will find out in the next few weeks what the outcome is.

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