Remainer Conservative MP Tobias Elwood says we should move fishing negotiations “into the new year”.

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With negotiations said to be coming to its conclusion today, Conservative Remainer MP Tobias Elwood, stated that the deal is 98 percent done, we should conclude with those parts of the agreement and return in the new year to sort out fishing.

Tobias said: “98% of all, the agreements have been concluded. Aviation, Road haulage, energy, nuclear cooperation, data security, subcritical and our ever-changing online World. These are there ready to go.”

“Yes, there are a couple of outstanding complex issues. But let’s move those into the new year. Call this a deal, get this done. Then we’ve got to return to those difficult matters such as fishing where there must be a solution, a political solution if there’s political will.” 

This stance by Tobias is the same as French President Macron. What is surprising to hear was Tobias’s vision on fisheries, when he uses the words “Political will.”

The only political certainty once we leave the EU in its entirety, is Britain will be taking back its territorial waters. As soon as the EU realise that certainty, the better.

There doesn’t have to be political will on sovereign waters to understand they are Britains territorial waters.